I'm a Musician/Artist living in Toronto.


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Rob and I took a trip one time to the scarborough bluffs. Afterwords we got lost in the woods saw a deer and a graveyard, threw Robs bag which contained tens of thousands of dollars over a fence and got real tired.

Last of the California wiggles. Doug lookin’ at stuff and a tree/bush.

Better than your Selfies set #2

There was a lizard.

Better than your Selfies Set #1 Desert/Sunglasses/GoodLooking/MountainTop

The Integratron. A group of kindly strangers let us join them for a birthday celebration sound bath. Not pictured is a man/woman walking around carrying a box labeled UFO TAPES.

Everything in the desert was rough, prickly, and stabby.  

Joshua trees.

Here’s one I attempted with my old film camera.

Hike through sequoia national park, first snow covered mountains view.

The effin Beauty, it’s breathing.

Heading east to the Sierras. Most of these are taken out of a moving car. First taste of deserty landscape. Loved it.

Some stranger walking towards the edge of a cliff off Highway 1.